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780’s Manageable Dog Program


780 KENNELS is teaming up with Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta, Canada’s animal welfare Societies and registered Dog Rescue charities to promote the concepts of Adoptable dogs, Manageable Dogs and Sanctuary dogs. Adoptable dogs are easily placed in the average household & have little to no issues living out their lives. Manageable Dogs can successfully be re-homed as long as their Foster/Adopter/Volunteer (FAV’s) understands & caters to the Manageable Dog’s unique personality & requirements. Sanctuary dogs will live out their time at Pit Bulls for Life Sanctuary, typically bonding to only one Manageable Dog Trainer.

FREE One-on-One Training, Workshops, Literature and 50% off all group training classes will ensure each Manageable Dog is set up for success before, during and after their FAV take them home. FAV’s will have full disclosure of what kind of dog they are caring for & learn how to do well together. Sanctuary dogs lead a life full of enrichment while at 780. Organizations committed to rescuing dogs will be able to adopt out more dogs successfully which means less dogs being returned. Dogs will no longer be set up for failure or worse, euthanized.




  • Unique proven program only offered to 780’s registered charity rescue partners
  • Helps our rescue partners achieve & maintain a true Low to No Kill Policy
  • Differentiates Adoptable from Manageable from Sanctuary dogs to assist foster and adoption placement success
  • Custom enrichment for Manageable Dogs while they are temporarily kennelled
  • Successful re-homing process
  • Standardized care given by experienced 780 Manageable Dog Trainers
  • Cloud based Customer Resource Management (CRM) software
  • Real time updates with a complete profile, history, training schedule & invoicing for each dog
  • CRM program accessible by Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet and PC
  • Donated monthly Grooming for each Manageable Dog Kennelled
  • Donated aftercare Training for life of each Manageable Dog
  • Donated weekly Puppy Classes for preventative measures
  • Pre-determined training schedule helps forecast accurate re-homing date(s) for each dog
  • Temperament Assessments that understand the limitations of all temperament assessments
  • Only available by attending 780’s Manageable Dog Training School to head Trainers with a minimum of 3 years training experience within your organization


  • FREE One-on-One Training, Puppy Classes, Workshops and Literature for every qualified FAV
  • Caters to every Manageable Dog’s individuality
  • Donated Training for Manageable Dog’s entire life (before, during and after foster/adoption)
  • Pre-determined Training schedule helps forecast accurate re-homing date(s) for each dog

780’s Manageable Dog Program (MDP) recognizes that Rescues are best rescuing, Trainers are best Training, volunteers are best for re-homing the more challenging dogs and together we can achieve more than we can apart. Adoptable dogs are traditionally picked by foster/adopters based upon their looks and/or their sad background story online but Manageable Dogs choose their FAV in person and slowly over time.

So how can your animal welfare organization determine the differences of an Adoptable from Manageable home? It’s easier than you think; attend 780’s Manageable Dog Training School to gain first-hand experience working within our program for a 7 day education at 780 KENNELS.

Adoptable dogs are generally narrowed down by an elimination process that starts and ends before the Foster/Adopter even meets any of the candidates and just simply chooses their “favourite” picture/story from a Facebook page. However, to find a forever home to a Manageable Dog the FAV must demonstrate their ability to understand and commit to the particular needs of the unique dog over time.

’s Manageable Dog Trainers seek the FAV who donate their time caring for Manageable Dogs while they are kennelled at 780. Who better to trust filtering out the potential FAV for a Manageable Dog than a Trainer that has the necessary education and experience required to bond with the unique Manageable Dog?

Go to 780’s Manageable Dog Training School.

Yes, when we all work together recognizing; Rescues are best rescuing, Trainers are best Training and FAV’s are best for re-homing, EVERYTHING DOG IS MANAGEABLE.

Pit Bulls For Life Sanctuary

Located on 50 acres of country soil and grass at 780 KENNELS INC in Stony Plain, Parkland County, Alberta. Home to 5 Manageable Dogs and 1 Sanctuary Dog until they get adopted.

780 KENNELS offers 50% off pricing for all services to Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta.

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