Dog daycare facilities with two Great Danes and certified staff Stony Plain, AB


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780's dog daycare services the Spruce Grove & Stony Plain area dynamic group activities that stimulate social interaction supervised by certified staff.

780's doggy day camp facilitates indoor & outdoor play time with individual resting areas and optional canine day training programs to meet your goals.

Canines are social animals with various needs for mental & physical stimulation whether puppy, small, large, aggressive, reactive, or life of the party.

780 ensures TLC for all breeds & temperaments in tandem with safe amenities to maintain a controlled environment all year round.

If you're working long hours or they have lots of energy to burn, consider starting with a $25 consult & 100% money-back guarantee for a slow introduction.

Here's 8 benefits of 780's K9 camp with certified tender loving care:

1. Certified Caregivers.

780's daily pet supervision includes friendly staff with certification in pet first-aid & veterinary technical studies overseen by a master trainer's 10 years expertise with dog body language & behaviour.

The article, Choosing the Best Daycare for your Dog recommends to ask, "What certification and training does the staff have?"


"The knowledge & skills to teach any canine to any level of professional service."
- Canada West Canine Centre School

Behavioral Problems, Personal Protection, Attack Dog, Support Dog, Police K-9 Training, Tracking, Security, Business Management.


"Equipped with knowledge & skills to successfully teach canines in basic & advanced commands & utility, or to operate a professional kennel."
- Canada West Canine Centre School

Basic & Advanced Commands, Customer Relations, Utility, Kennel Management, Temperament Test, Dog Care.


"Walks 'N' Wags' Pet First Aid Classes are to our knowledge the most comprehensive pet safety & pet first-aid program available."
- Walks 'N' Wags

Immediate steps to take in an emergency, What to include in your pet first-aid kit, How to safely approach an injured animal; Complete a head to toe assessment; Restrain an injured animal, Transport an injured animal.

Recognition of signs of common illness & injury, How to handle various bleeding wounds, Bone, Ear, Eye injuries, Choking skills, Artificial Respiration, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Poisoning, Frostbite & Hypothermia.

Heat stroke, Burns, Administration of medications, Strong emphasis on prevention of illness & injury.


"Veterinary technologists are valuable members of the animal health-care team; such as; nursing care, diagnostic procedures & client interactions, to assist veterinarians in the diagnosis, treatment & prevention of disease in animals."
- Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association

Immunology & Infectious Diseases of Companion Animals, Support & Movement, Hematology, Animal Handling & Behaviour, Medical Records Management.

Function & Continuity, Animal Nutrition, Anesthesiology, Blood Chemistry & Urinalysis, Parasitology.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Dog daycare services with multiple canine guests playing with friendly caregivers.

Certified Master Trainer certification from Canada West Canine Centre.

Obedience Trainer certification from Canada West Canine Centre.

Walks n Wags Pet First Aid Certification.

Two large dogs playing during daytime supervision.

Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association logo.

2. Mindful Meetings.

780's day-to-day doggy diligence includes a hospitable environment: initial consults, dogs-to-staff ratios, slow introductions, hands-on supervision, play time, breaks, & cleanliness.

AKC's Choosing a Doggy Daycare for Your Pup advises, "...facility should do an assessment of your dog's behavior and personality before accepting him."

$25 Consults.
Allowing K9 companions & families to meet with staff on drop-off as they stay for a minimum of 2 hrs or a full day with consideration for their stress levels in new scenarios.

Dog-to-staff Ratios.
Keeping 1-staff-to-6-hounds, although industry practice is 1-staff-to-15+ guests!

Slow Intros.
Ensuring cohesive play because successful group dynamics require more attention to detail.

Hands-on Supervision.
Preventing problematic behaviours from starting & escalating with social, reactive, & aggressive critters by active direction.

Play & Rest Time.
Providing daily routines with break times to reduce risk of over-stimulation caused by long duration furball frenzies.

Daily housekeeping is recorded, & large windows allow natural sunlight with airflow. Proof of vaccinations & free from parasites is mandatory for all four-legged friends.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Large canine at 780's dog daycare centre during his initial consultation.

Controlled meet and greet with Pitbull & Moscow Watch Dog in a cage-free environment.

100% Money Back Guarantee badge.

3. Simple Socialization.

780's safe canine socializing welcomes all breeds & temperaments: lapdogs & XL beasts, high drive & low energy, puppies to seniors, social butterflies, aggressive, reactive, fearful, non-neutered, & non-spayed.

The article, Selecting a Dog Daycare, advises, "Make sure dogs are grouped or separated appropriately."

Safe socialization has 4 aspects; whether communal free roaming or pairing up for on-leash walks; separation by size, age, temperament, & energy.

We have 10+ years experience, with the largest rescues in Alberta & breeder's high drive working bloodlines, for your peace-of-mind.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Various breeds and temperaments socializing safely at 780’s dog daycare Parkland County, AB.

Parkland County Business Directory listing for 780 Kennels.

4. Best Reviews.

780's doggie day time centre has the best reviews while also voted People's Choice Award & Best Business 2020. Read user feedback that highlights our commitment to animal well-being.

With background checks, 9 Tips for Finding a Good Doggie Daycare advises, "Ask for personal referrals from family, friends, and neighbors."

Yellow Pages
Better Business Bureau
Read 3+ Yelp Reviews for 780 Kennels.


"...Bear has aggressive issues to some people & canines but at home he is super sweet & affectionate.

"We've had Bear in day camp since he was 3 months but due to his breed / size & protective nature (he's considered a Moscow watchdog) they were struggling to keep him under control.

"We started working with Bear's needs, and through that, found 780...

"At other facilities we were stressed every pick up & drop off; scared something or someone would walk in unexpected.

"Noting Bear came home with just as much energy as he went there with... Then we found 780... "We pull up to the gated area worry free because the way they have it set up makes it completely stress-free for the pets. Bear is always excited & happy to go.

"Every time we bring him there they completely go above & beyond any expectations we would have & they love Bear the way we do at home.

"I honesty don't think we will ever go anywhere else. When we get to 780 Bear is so unbelievably excited & stress-free... Now when we go, he acts just like they are family...

"I never imagined I'd feel worry & stress-free about leaving my pet... I know he loves them & is comfortable & happy there.

"I'm so, so, thankful to have all of you there & I know Bear is as thankful as me. I could say so much more but I think whoever reads this will understand. "Thank you for going above & beyond for Bear & above all understanding his needs & making him happy."
BEAR - Google Reviews (December 2017)  5/5  


Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

People's Choice Award for 780's well-run dog daycare & staff.

5. Safe Keeping.

780's secure pet keeping has carefully designed facilities: gated drop-off & pick-up zones, indoor & outdoor spaces, 6' fencing, patio slabs, controlled climate, & security cameras.

Professionals from Choosing a Good Dog Day Care advise, "The day care should have separate rest and play areas, with dogs rotating in and out."

Drop-off & Pick-up Zones.
Specific drive-in gated areas designated for all consults & regular visitors grants safe arrivals & departures.

Private Indoor Areas.
Custom built crates allow privacy during feeding, drinking, & resting times with 6 mutts max per room. Also, indoor exercise & play areas are used during Alberta's winter.

Outside Exercise Areas.
Every guest has access to outdoor channelized exercise runs were fence-fighting is eliminated by in-house trainers choosing specific neighbours for every animal.

We also have 4 off-leash parks for larger play groups, high energy breeds, & large Lycans that need longer strides while exercising in a cage-free environment.

6' High Fencing & Patio Slabs.
Jumpers are contained by our 6' high chain-link fencing with angled wire. Diggers are thwarted by large cement patio slabs along the fencing perimeter.

Controlled Climate & Security Cameras.
Wi-Fi climate controls for heating in winter & air-conditioning in summer while security cameras monitor activities day & night.

Mini Australian Dog enjoying belly rubs in her secure outdoor exercise run.

Multiple Canines safely exiting 780’s daytime care facility into our pick-up zone.

6-foot-high fencing & patio slabs for safekeeping of two large canines.

6. Affordable TLC.

Want affordable daytime supervision for your dog? Get 1 free stay 'n' play a month, cheaper daily rates, & lower costs for day training budgets with your 780 membership.

Also, savings on weekend stays because Saturdays are free when you like or follow us on Facebook.


According to How Much Does Doggy Day care Cost? "...members reported paying an average of $42 per day, with a general range of $25 to $50."


1 Guest $25.00
($5 savings per day)
2 Guests $47.50
($10 savings per day)
3 Guests $67.50
($15 savings per day)
Free membership 1st responders; Fire, Police, Military, & Veterans.

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$25 consults come with our 100% money-back guarantee so that your pooch can experience our services: risk-free.

Consults allow owners & staff to meet in person, view facilities, introduce mongrels to a new environment, and consider how to ensure safety before frequent visits begin.

Tours only allow for owner's & staff to meet and chat while viewing amenities, but one vital thing is missing - man's best friend!

So, read the following enrichment options and let's discuss your critter's needs at the consult.


High energy canines playing in 780's exercise yards.

Multiple doggies from the same household running in the yard.

Dog play enrichment under the supervision of 780's trained staff member.

Dog daycare facilities with two Great Danes and certified staff Stony Plain, AB

7. Daycare & Training.

780's canine day training pricing is only $25 per ½ hr which means our daytime trainers have the cheapest rates in the Stony Plain & Spruce Grove area.

Doggie day camp isn't just for puppies, our programs are custom tailored by our certified master trainer to meet all tail-wagging obedience goals:

Puppy Day Trains (ages 9 wks to 6 months)
As life cycles of all canines have very distinct stages, especially early on, your puppy's age will determine their day camp focus for basic commands & safe socialization.

Reactive Dog Day Trains (ages 6 months+)
Hands-on leadership from a trainer will help improve your ankle-biter's leash reactivity or dog reactive issues by improving impulse control with safe k9 exposure.

Aggressive Dog Day Trains (ages 9 months+)
Dog aggressive or human aggressive issues will be improved by our certified Master trainer's specialization in aggression.

High Drive Dog Day Trains (ages 9 wks+)
Canis Lupus that are bred to work need good job descriptions such as agility, tracking, personal protection, rally-obedience, or just going for a walk while wearing their favourite back pack.

Basic to Advanced Day Trains (ages 6 months+)
Improve any goals you want assistance with; leash manners, recall, crating, jumping on people, dog intro's, vehicle issues.

Whatever your doggie day camp goals, start with a $25 consult & 100% money back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Daycare & training with two puppies at 780's doghouse.

High drive German Pointers taking a break from their day training program.

100% Money Back Guarantee badge.

8. Online Reservations.

780 members enjoy cheaper daily rates, plus, 1 free visit per month, & guaranteed reservations; without deposits or delays; within 30 seconds of visiting 780's website!

Non-members send a request online too and just wait for us to call back confirming over the phone with a deposit.

What to Bring
  • Proof of Vaccinations; Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies. Free from parasites.
  • Food in a Tupperware like container, especially for the Raw.
  • Treats but no raw hides as these can be choking hazards.
  • Kong brand toys only.
  • Medicine if necessary.
  • Download, print & sign 780's Contract & Release Waiver.
  • Government issued photo I.D. is mandatory for drop-off & pick-up.
Do Not Bring
  • Crates.
  • Bedding or blankets from home. Beds can be rented for $10.
  • Dishes as 780 will provide clean drinking & eating bowls.
  • Cheap toys, squeaky toys, ropes or any choking hazards.

Pitbull resting at the entrance of 780's dog daycare Parkland County, AB.

Three mixed breeds hanging out at 780.

Chamber of Commerce Awards for 780 Kennels & Staff.
780 Kennels voted People's Choice Chamber of Commerce Award 2016.

All breeds welcome for a panoramic tour of 780 Kennels.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does 780 take puppies?
A: Yes, 780 welcomes all ages from 12 weeks to seniors.

Q: Can 780 supervise intact males or females in heat?
A: Yes, the choice to neuter, spay, or alter to breed standards is the owners.

Also, our amenities offer communal, semi-private, or exclusive intermingling.

Especially if your female's in season, let us know to accommodate.

Q: Can 780 house reactive or aggressive dogs?
A: Yes, our staff & facilities specialize in the more challenging temperaments.

Also, we can provide leashed-walks to ensure safe social-time rather than free play.

Q: Can 780 safekeep Pit Bulls?
A: Yes, we partnered with PBFL for 8+ years, all breeds are welcome.

Q: Can 780 accommodate high-drive K9's?
A: Yes, our members include 1st responder canines such as Search & Rescue, EPS, & RCMP furballs.

We also have Personal Protection K9's of our own.

Q: Does 780 have indoor & outdoor amenities?
A: Yes, we have 2 octagon buildings & 4 fenced dog parks.

Q: Are staff certified?
A: Yes, we have the knowledge & skills to teach any canine to any level of professional service.

Q: Does 780 have air-conditioned rooms?
A: Yes, Wi-Fi monitors air conditioning during summer & heat in winter.

Q: Does 780 have in-floor heating?
A: No, this can cause a medical concern known as "hot spots".

Q: Can multiple furballs share space together?
A: Yes, we can remove walls so that canines from the same household can lodge together.

Just let us know if they need to be fed separately or any other quirks to ensure cohesiveness during their visit.

Q: Can guests be picked up or dropped off outside regular hrs?
A: Possibly, the more notice given helps everyone, and yes, we charge $20.

Q: Why does 780 charge $2.50 for owner supplied raw food?
A: Fees cover daily fridge, freezer, sanitization, & handling responsibilities.

Q: How much is the daily rate?
A: $25 non-members or $20 for members. Each consecutive pet is $2.50 less.

Q: Why get membership?
A: 1 free day visit, board, & personal lesson per month. Plus, services are cheaper.

Also, free monthly pack walks & members' only off-leash parks; for focused & continuous socialization.

Q: Do you have to purchase membership to use 780 services?
A: No, membership offers savings & freebies if wanted.

Q: Is the cost per dog?
A: No, membership covers all canines in your household for only $199/ yr.

Q: Can I purchase membership online?
A: No, we can do over-the-phone with a credit card or in-person.

Q: Once I sign up, is membership charged automatically ever year?
A: No, membership expires 365 days after purchase.

Q: How do I get free membership?
A: If you register for 3 months of puppy school or if you are a 1st responder with valid government ID.

Q: Can I save up the monthly freebies?
A: No, they expire every month if not used.

Q: Do the monthly freebies expire?
A: Yes, if not used in the month.

Q: Do I have to pay for my critter to get attention & exercise?
A: No, enrichment options are bonus attention for our guests.

For example, sensitive rescues bloom from extra petting time in the intro-phase.

Working breeds benefit from 1-on-1 attention geared to their genetics such as scent detection or agility.

Q: What behaviour patterns & issues can 780 help with?
A: Separation anxiety, destructive, hyper-active, barking, digging, jumping, fence fighting, human & dog reactive, resource guarding, dangerous adult dogs, impulse control, focus, fearful, excitable.

Q: What commands can 780 help with?
A: Basic, intermediate, & advanced.

Crating, leash manners, sit, down, heel, come, drop, take, fetch, speak, tug, leave-it.

Advanced skills.
Q: What do you mean by advanced skills?
A: Socialization, integration, service, therapy, emotional support, guide, good neighbour testing, protection, guard, k-9, police, search and rescue, tracking, agility, scent detection, leash reactivity.

Q: Can 780 help with showing in the ring?
A: Yes, we help the handler to dog relationship through communication for Gaiting, Stacking, & Judges Exam results.

Q: What kind of training methods does 780 use?
A: Every dog is unique.

Depends on age, sex, breed(s), drives, history, personality, core characteristics, & trust in your relationship.

Q: Are consults mandatory?
A: No, just a recommendation to provide peace of mind.

Q: How long do the consults take?
A: About 10 minutes of the owner's time on drop-off as we focus more on the pet while they're left with us for a minimum of 2 hrs.

Then we can provide meaningful information on pick-up to aid the decision making process.

Q: What days do you book consults?
A: Sunday to Friday, just closed Saturdays.

Q: How much are consults?
A: $25

Q: Do I have to pre-pay before booking a consult?
A: No, pay after the service if you're happy.

Q: If I'm not happy with my consult, do I have to pay?
A: No, If not completely satisfied with your consult, enjoy our 100% money-back guarantee.

Q: Do I bring my critter?
A: Yes, we concentrate on man's best-friend.

Q: How do I book my consult?
A: Email us.

Q: What if I'm not ready to book a consult yet?
A: Learn more about 780 and boarding, and training, and classes, and daycare.

Q: How can I get more information not listed here?
A: Good question, contact us.

Q: What awards has 780 won?
A: People's Choice 2016, Best Business 2019 & 2020.

Q: What accreditations & certifications does 780 hold?
A: Better Business Bureau, Greater Parkland Regional Chamber, IACP, PIJAC, CAPDT, Kennel Management, Certified Master Trainer, & Pet First-Aid.

Q: What reference letters does 780 hold?
A: PBFL, SCARS, PMRF, 4H Alberta, & DCAS.

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Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.