Dog boarding & dog training facilities in Parkland County, AB.


NOTICE: We are currently making updates to our website. Please book a consult to discuss up-to-date information in-person. Thank you.

780 Kennels in Parkland County provides Stony Plain & Spruce Grove with free dog boarding, dog training, & lower prices for all services with your membership.

Enroll in 3 months of puppy classes for free membership, also, first responders, such as police, fire fighters, military, & veterans, have honorary membership.

Whatever your interest, start with a $25 consult & our 100% money-back guarantee.

Membership is $250/ year and if purchased on the same day of your consult we'll use the $25 as a down payment towards your new investment.

Consults help check-out amenities & meet staff prior to committing; so we can specialize pet care together; and build your confidence in our abilities.

Members partake in frequent visits for monthly freebies & savings on all services; increasing peace of mind each time.

Here's a complete list of membership benefits; whether raising a puppy or minding an adult canine:

1. Free Dog Boarding.

Members get 1 free day of dog boarding per month to maintain socialization & familiarization of every pooch in your household, while saving you money.

That's 12 visits per family pet, every year, at no-charge. That's market dominance worth barking about!

Slowly conditioned with the boarder experience reduces stress and helps us provide the best care while you're away, which grants your peace of mind.

Skip chewing-it-over and schedule a $25 board consult with 780 today.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
780 Kennels wins Spruce Grove People's Choice Award.

Better Business Bureau online seal.

2. Low-Cost Kenneling.

Membership helps peace-of-mind with exclusive rates for weekend visits & long term stays, discounts for multiple mutts from the same home, & free Saturdays.

Also, fixed costs over Xmas, summertime, & other peak-seasons; whether small or XL doggies visit; without promoting new-guests-only discounts.

Plus, members save on grooming services, so you can pick-up a freshly groomed best-friend at a reduced cost.

780 welcomes all breeds, temperaments, and ages. Skip the claims of home-away-from-home boarding kennels and book your spot with 780 today.

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Rescue dog boarding at 780 Kennels, Stony Plain, AB.

3. Free Dog Training.

100% Money Back Guarantee badge.
Members get 1 free ½ hr of dog training per month to advance every k-9 in your home, while under budget.

That's 12 lessons per pet, every year, at no-charge. No buyer's remorse, just excessive barking & aggression by the competition!

Also, visiting to brush-up on your canine's good citizen behaviors indirectly maintains familiarization with the staff & amenities for future overnight stays.

Skip the learning theory from dog psychology seminars and schedule a $25 train consult with 780 today.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

4. Low-Cost Obedience.

Members enjoy low-cost dog obedience training, so, cheaper pricing & the best canine coaches to learn from.

Also, reduced board & school rates as positive re-enforcement pampering.

780 welcomes both working bloodlines & house pets.

Skip the scientific obedience training methods & techniques and retrieve 780's dog whispering on the next page.

Pit Bull training the sit command for her toy ball.

5. Puppy Classes.

Parkland County puppy training & socialization classes.

Parkland County online seal.
780's puppy classes grant free membership if you enroll for 3 months in-a-row. Get help with your puppy's socialization & training goals to ensure mature manners & new tricks on cue.

Since every school registration grants 1 free private lesson, stay 'n' play visit, & board consult; that's 9 freebies of operant conditioning at no cost.

Even Pavlov would be drooling over these savings without needing to hear a clicker!

As membership gives 1 freebie per service every month, your new puppy will benefit from 45 free-of-charge. Also, as members, your family will be digging cheaper prices reinforcing a humane education.

Skip the online puppy academy and fetch 780's pack leader tips on the next page.

6. First Responder Support.

Dalmatian fire fighter.
780 supports specialized personnel that aid at the scene of an emergency; such as police, fire fighters, military, & veterans; by granting free membership.

First responders enjoy all the benefits of 780 membership; monthly freebies, cheaper services, guaranteed online reservations, no deposits, monthly pack walks, & access to our dog parks.

Just provide valid government issued I.D. to confirm your honorary membership and start biting into the freebies!

No need for impulse control. Start rewarding good-behavior and book a free consult with 780 today.


7. Dog Parks and Pack Walks.

Giant pack walk for 780 members.
Members enjoy 4 private off-leash dog parks with fencing & monthly pack walks for safe socializing and exercise.

Pack walks with supervision are a great way to reinforce handler & pet communication, whether friendly, fearful, aggressive, shy, or reactive rovers.

Heeling on command means ignoring distractions, walk-on means walking on, and sit means sit, for the four legged cohort.

Members-only pack walks are scheduled on the last Sunday of every month, unless -20 or colder during winter months.

Members-only private dog parks are accessible during regular business hours; first come, first serve; if 1 is occupied; there's 3 others.


8. Best Word-of-Mouth.

780's user feedback includes 225+ five-star rankings while also voted People's Choice Award 2016, Best Business 2019-23, Best Facility Central Alberta 2021, & Canadian Pet Community Awards 2023.

Read 4 reference letters from industry experts; PBFL, SCARS, PMRF, DCAS and 1 from a team leader at 4H Alberta; highlighting more customer satisfaction.

Also, 132 Google reviews, 70 Facebook recommendations, 23 Yellow Pages ratings, 8 Better Business Bureau Testimonials, and 3 Yelp reviews from real clients.

Yellow Pages
Better Business Bureau
Read 3+ Yelp Reviews for 780 Kennels.

Whether you become a member or not, use 780's stellar reputation & money-back guarantee to try a new service risk-free.

Contact us with any questions and book today.

Chamber of Commerce Awards for 780 Kennels & Staff.
780 Kennels voted People's Choice Chamber of Commerce Award 2016.

All breeds welcome for a panoramic tour of 780 Kennels.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Do you have to purchase membership to use 780 services?
A: No, membership offers savings & freebies if wanted.

Q: Is the cost per dog?
A: No, membership covers all canines in your household for only $250/ yr.

Q: Why get membership?
A: Cheaper rates & 1 freebie for all our services per month.

Also, free monthly pack walks & members' only off-leash parks; for focused & continuous socialization.

Q: What is the difference between board & daycare monthly freebies?
A: In daycare we mix well-known friendly guests but with boarding they don't intermingle.

Boarding is overnight stays, daycare is 7am-6pm visits.

Essentially, members enjoy 2 free days of pet care per month.

Q: Can I stack multiple freebies in 1 stay?
A: No, the idea is to have owners, pets, & service providers meet more frequently, not just get free stuff.

Q: Can I save up the monthly freebies?
A: No, they expire every month if not used.

Q: Can I purchase membership online?
A: No, we can do over-the-phone with a credit card or in-person.

Q: Once I sign up, is membership charged automatically ever year?
A: No, membership expires 365 days after purchase.

Q: How do I get free membership?
A: If you register for 3 months of puppy school or if you are a 1st responder with valid government ID.

Q: Are consults mandatory?
A: No, just a recommendation towards peace of mind.

Q: What days do you book consults?
A: Sunday to Friday, just closed Saturdays.

Q: How much are consults?
A: $25 per pet.

Q: Do I have to pre-pay before booking a consult?
A: No, pay after the service if you're happy.

Q: If I'm not happy with my consult, do I have to pay?
A: No, If not completely satisfied on the day of your consult, enjoy our 100% money-back guarantee.

Q: Do I bring my critter?
A: Yes, we concentrate on man's best-friend.

Q: How do I book my consult?
A: Email us.

Q: What if I'm not ready to book a consult yet?
A: Learn more about 780 and boarding, and training, and classes, and daycare.

Q: What awards has 780 won?
A: People's Choice 2016, Best Business 2019-2023, Best Facility Central Alberta 2021, Canadian Pet Community Awards 2023.

Q: What accreditations & certifications does 780 hold?
A: Better Business Bureau, Greater Parkland Regional Chamber, IACP, PIJAC, CAPDT, Kennel Management, Certified Master Trainer, & Pet First-Aid.

Q: What reference letters does 780 hold?
A: PBFL, SCARS, PMRF, 4H Alberta, & DCAS.

Q: How can I get more information not listed here?
A: Good question, contact us.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation. Pet First Aid Certification. Canadian Association of Dog Trainers Membership. Best Facility Central Alberta Award for 780 Kennels. International Association of Canine Professionals Accreditation. Professional Certification for Obedience Trainer and Kennel Management from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. Master Dog Trainer Professional Certification from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. 780 Kennels wins the Canadian Pet Community Awards for Pet Service Provider in the Western Region. Canadian Federation of Independent Business Accreditation.