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780 knows each dog & their family are unique which makes owner's peace of mind more complex than what others "sell" to the City of Champions.

Try a new service risk-free with a $25 consult & our 100% money-back guarantee.

Contact 780 with any questions & book today.


  • Leashed critter with tons of their favourite small, wet, treats or favourite non-squeaky toy. Whatever motivates most!
  • Proof of vaccinations; Bordetella (kennel cough), Distemper, Parvo, & Rabies. Ages less than 4 months do not require a Rabies vaccination and all dogs must have their 1st sets of shots minimum.
  • Print, sign, initial 780's LIABILITY WAIVER

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Q: Does 780 train puppies?
A: Yes, check out our puppy classes page.

Q: Can 780 help intact male or female dogs?
A: Yes, the choice to neuter, spay, or alter to breed standards is the owners.

Beware quick fixes, such as neutering, suggested by veterinarians & trainers.

Q: Can 780 help reactive or aggressive dogs?
A: Yes, our staff & amenities specialize in the more challenging temperaments.

Q: Can 780 help Pit Bulls?
A: Yes, we have been partnered with PBFL for 8 years, all breeds are welcome.

Q: Can 780 help high-drive K9's?
A: Yes, our members include 1st responder canines such as Search & Rescue, EPS, & RCMP canines.

We also have personal protection K9’s of our own.

Q: What behaviour patterns & issues can 780 help with?
A: Separation anxiety, destructive, hyper-active, barking, digging, jumping, fence fighting, human & dog reactive, resource guarding, dangerous adult dogs, impulse control, focus, fearful, excitable.

Q: What commands can 780 help with?
A: Basic, intermediate, & advanced.

Crating, leash manners, sit, down, heel, come, drop, take, fetch, speak, tug, leave-it; anything.

Q: What do you mean by advanced skills?
A: Socialization, integration, service, therapy, emotional support, guide, good neighbour testing, protection, guard, k-9, police, search and rescue, tracking, agility, scent detection, leash reactivity.

Q: Can 780 help with showing in the ring?
A: Yes, we help the handler to dog relationship thru communication for Gaiting, Stacking, & Judges Exam results.

Q: What kind of training methods does 780 use?
A: Every dog is unique.
Depends on age, sex, breed(s), drives, history, personality, core characteristics, & trust in your relationship.

Q: Does 780 have indoor & outdoor amenities?
A: Yes, we have 2 octagon buildings & 4 fenced dog parks for obedience summer thru winter.

Q: How does 780 control the environment?
A: We provide distractions, as needed, whether human or K9’s.

Q: What awards has 780 won?
A: People's Choice 2016, Best Business 2019 & 2020.

Q: What accreditations & certifications does 780 hold?
A: Better Business Bureau, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, IACP, PIJAC, CAPDT, Kennel Management, & Certified Master Trainer.

Q: What reference letters does 780 hold?
A: PBFL, SCARS, PMRF, 4H Alberta, & DCAS.

Q: How long are training consults?
A: 30 mins max.

Canines aren’t used to being led consistently by their owner so they saturate soon.

Q: What will we work on during the consult?
A: Whatever’s necessary to reach your goals.

Q: Does the whole family need to attend?
A: Not required, but helpful. Especially for the initial lesson.

We understand some folks work out-of-town and can’t always make it.

Q: How much are consults?
A: $25

Q: Do I have to pre-pay before booking a consult?
A: No, pay after the service if you’re happy.

Q: If I’m not happy with my consult, do I have to pay?
A: No, if not completely satisfied with your consult, enjoy our 100% money-back guarantee.

Worst case scenario, it was some travel time and gas.

Q: Does the guarantee apply to purchased lessons?
A: No, only the consult.

If you’re unsure about booking, consider reading our reviews page.

Q: How much is 780’s dog training?
A: Sessions are sold by-the-hour with the more time purchased; more affordable; and NO EXPIRY.

Our pricing chart is in section 2 on this webpage.

Also, members enjoy cheaper pricing.

Q: Why get membership?
A: 1 free personal lesson a month, cheaper prices, & lower boarding & training costs.

Plus, free monthly pack walks & members’ only off-leash parks; for focused & continuous socialization.

Q: Do I have to purchase membership to use 780 services?
A: No, membership offers savings & freebies if wanted.

Q: Is the cost per dog?
A: No, membership covers all canines in your household for only $199/ yr.

Q: Can I purchase membership online?
A: No, we can do over-the-phone with a credit card or in-person.

Q: Once I sign up, is membership charged automatically ever year?
A: No, membership expires 365 days after purchase.

Q: How do I get free membership?
A: If you register for 3 months of puppy school or if you are a 1st responder with valid government ID.

Q: Can I save up the monthly freebies?
A: No, they expire every month if not used.

Q: What can I have for free?
A: Email us and ask for our free at-home training literature.

Q: Do the monthly freebies expire?
A: Yes, if not used in the month.

Q: Can I use the free 1 to 1 lesson for board & train?
A: No, the 1 to 1 lessons are in-person only.

Q: What’s the pricing difference for members?
A: Non-members $40 board, $30 per ½ hr train.
Members $30 board, $25 per ½ hr train.

Basically, members save $15 /day if training once per day.

Q: How do I know if board & train or private lessons is best?
A: Good question, let’s find out together starting with a consult.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Proof of vaccinations, critter on leash, training treats.

Print, sign, initial 780's LIABILITY WAIVER.

Q: What if my canine isn’t motivated by treats?
A: Bring whatever motivates most, perhaps a toy.

Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out in-person.

Q: Do you want my pet on a collar or harness?
A: Whatever your most comfortable for control.

We don’t have a preference, it’s your choice.

Q: Do I bring my dog?
A: Yes, we’ll get straight to work.

We won’t waste your time.

Q: How much are consults?
A: $25

Q: What days do you book consults?
A: Sunday to Friday, 10am onwards just closed Saturdays.

Q: Can I book weekends, evenings, holidays?
A: Yes, we’re available.

Q: How do I book my ½ hr training consult?
A: Call 780-887-8805 or email us.

Q: What if I’m not ready to book a consult yet?
A: Perhaps read 75+ reviews for 780’s dog training.

Q: How can I get more information not listed here?
A: Good question, contact us.

780 Kennels Liaison Officer 'Kelso'.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation. Pet First Aid Certification. Canadian Association of Dog Trainers Membership. Best Facility Central Alberta Award for 780 Kennels. International Association of Canine Professionals Accreditation. Professional Certification for Obedience Trainer and Kennel Management from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. Master Dog Trainer Professional Certification from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. 780 Kennels wins the Canadian Pet Community Awards for Pet Service Provider in the Western Region. Canadian Federation of Independent Business Accreditation.