Best puppy classes with training and socialization, Edmonton, AB.


780's puppy classes in Edmonton start with group socialization & training for pre school basics, rally obedience, agility courses, & nose work lessons.

780 develops the best puppy education with 3+ pet trainers for more attention to individual needs when teaching safe play & fun instruction with your family.

780 encourages the earliest enrolment; just after 1 set of vaccinations & 1st deworming; to help families get a head start on shaping behavior.

Enjoy stimulating activities in a social environment and establishing boundaries when you sign up for Basics 101, Pre-Agility, Simple Scents, Intro Rally-O, or register in all.

Whether raising a working whelp or companion cub, being proactive in your critter's lesson plan for the 1st year is most rewarding.

Here's 10 benefits of enrolling with 780's academy and signs of substitute teachers so you can avoid the hacks:

1. Early Training.

780's puppy training can start soon after their initial vaccines for prompt attention at the beginning; by registration only.

Before, veterinarians recommended to wait until puppies had their 2nd or 3rd set of shots; for risk of health concerns; prior to group puppy training first-steps.

Now, the VCA Animal Hospitals quote: "If all puppies in the class have had initial vaccinations, are healthy and parasite free, the health risks are low, and the potential benefits are enormous."

"Young puppies have short attention spans but you can expect them to begin to learn simple obedience commands..."

"...most valuable for puppies 8 weeks of age and older."

"Trainers can demonstrate techniques and help guide you through the steps..."

Unlike a cash-grab-academy that practices with too many puppies & families to effectively learn from 1 teacher; multiple experts teach in our group lessons.

Why ask a question from a distracted teacher that is too busy dividing their schedule with all the participants? Why wait in the line-up afterwards to get clarification?

Avoid late starts and with only 1 instructor from substitute teachers. Also, don't attempt week by week lessons yourself while working full time.

Instead, register at our beginners' academy with 3+ puppy trainers for tips & answers during the early stages.


Young puppies learning simple obedience.

3+ trainers help teach interactive puppy exercises.

VCA Animal Hospitals Canada logo.

780's ACADEMY.


• 3+ teachers • Just 1 teacher
• Monthly • Sporadic
• Early start • Late start

2. Group Socialization.

780's puppy socialization guarantees cohesive mingling & fun fraternizing in school for collective learning, by registration only.

Although some folks advise maximum, no-limit, communal play - surprise! Over-stimulation for long durations; especially when mixing baby pups with unknown teenage pups; is a sign of substitute teaching.

According to the American Kennel Club, "Gentle exposure during your puppy's first 3 months of life to a wide variety of people, places, & situations is key to nurturing their learning ability."

"...a good way to socialize your pup to other dogs."

"Skilled trainers will mediate the meetings so that all dogs and people are safe and happy during the process."

"Once your puppy has started his vaccinations, he can also attend..."

That's why 780's team is leading the area by encouraging attendance after the 1st set of vaccinations & deworming for the earliest & safest social imprinting possible.

Improve your critter's life skills with exposure to friendly mutts and families by plenty of playing & learning; all necessities during important windows in their maturation process.

Maximize their imprinting periods to guide your innocent small-fry into a friendly, even temperament, adult dog. Help meet all their needs to interact face-to-face, with the pack, and in splinter groups.

Early intercommunication is the cornerstone for preventing problematic mature dog attitudes; however, exposure must be controlled & follow a consistent schedule.

That's why 780 relates week-by-week steps to capitalize on collaborative learning; whether unleashed or controlled; while hanging around other breeds near the same age.

Drop-ins that allow last minute hang outs increase the chances of traumatic experiences; especially for nervous or rescue puppies; as these assemblies just focus on making quick cash.

Avoid wasted tuition on fast pop-ins with unknown guests & parents that disrupt a cohesive group process; issues created by cluster meet-ups from substitute teachers.

Instead, register for group puppy socialization classes with stimulating games and play exercises to accomplish your puppy's development checklist & timeline.


Group puppy socialization classes.

American Kennel Club logo.

Puppies fraternizing on-leash.

Puppy group lessons with stimulating games & exercise.



• Safe interaction • Furball frenzies
• Play time & breaks • Non-stop play
• Registered students only • Unknown students

3. Positive Praise.

780's puppy classes have positive praise from graduates voting our puppy trainers People's Choice Award, our puppy academy Best Business 2019-23 & Best Facility Central Alberta, with A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Yellow Pages
Better Business Bureau
Read 3+ Yelp Reviews for 780 Kennels.


"We chose 780 because they offered the most intensive program (twice per week for 3 weeks) at the best price ($150).

"What really surprised me was how supportive the 780 team was before our sessions even started...

"During our consult Matt showed us the facilities and provided information on the format, structure, and objectives.

"...he also went out of his way to teach us a little more about our pupster's body language, so we could intervene before unwanted behaviour took place, rather than always being reactionary.

"Having someone 1-on-1 point out behaviours as they happened and provide strategies for redirecting was a huge help.

"If you are a novice dog owner (like us!) and need some support from people who genuinely care about the development of your 4-legged friend, I very highly recommend 780...!"
SPARKY, (January 2018)  5/5  

"Staff are awesome! Very clean... Not a free-for-all, but structure & free-time... highly recommend 780..."
GUS, (December 2017)  5/5  

"Thank you 780, you really put our minds at ease after a poor experience... We have learned so much from you...

"We look forward to our next step in learning with 780's intro to agility. You went above & beyond."
BRUCE, (2016)  5/5  

"When I attended my first group class, I was a little nervous that I had made a bad choice choosing this location I guess because it was quiet & the 1st class was a bit slow.

"Quiet was great because you have more 1-on-1 time with the mentors.

"As time went on & I got to understanding the program & how to teach my pup, I was very happy, overall, and they were very knowledgeable.

"It was fun attending' my critter looked forward to it...If I had to do it all over again, I would.

"So that should tell you right there 780's a good place to bring your pup. The staff was great & cheerful, that says a lot!

"My furball is a better pup because I learned so much from 780. I am forever thankful to the staff :)

"I really love all the perks that come with the academy as well, from the free consults, to the free membership if you register consecutively for 3 months."
LUCKY, (January 2016)  5/5  

Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

People's Choice Award for 780's Puppy trainers.



• Unique • Fake
• Age specific • Ambiguous
• High-res photos • Stock photos
• Success with challenges • Topical issues

4. School Plan.

780's puppy school philosophy is modeled from Drs. Scott & Fuller's Critical Periods in the Development of the Canine - published 1953.

Whether raising a working whelp or companion cub, shaping behaviors through ritualized lessons during the early stages and maintaining for the 1st year is most rewarding.

Shaping involves being proactive in your critter's lesson plan; from start to finish.

Good leaders use shaping methods to separate the desired actions from the undesired; respecting the limitations of genetics & environment; while acknowledging the constraints of age.


"The importance of early puppyhood education; using fun, lure-reward methods..." is supported by Dog Star Daily with Dr. Ian Dunbar.

"Investing the time early on will give you control over your dog as it gets older, stronger and more distracted, and it's the easiest way..."

"If you get a puppy, it's your responsibility to train it!"

"Puppy problems are serious business. If you don't take the time to properly train your puppy with basic manners, there's a good chance they'll end up at a shelter."


While lure-reward methods may work for puppies that are easily motivated by food treats, some high-drive breeds are hard-wired genetically to work for long durations & ignore food until the daily chores are finished.

Herding Dog Breeds, for example, obey commands from a great distance and work the stock until their end-of-the-day meal.

As confirmed by Wikipedia, "Border Collie puppies require considerably more daily physical exercise and mental stimulation than many other breeds."

"Due to their demanding personalities and need for mental stimulation and exercise, many Border Collies develop problematic behaviors in households that are not able to provide for their needs."

"The breed's herding trait has been deliberately encouraged, as it was in the dogs from which the Border Collie was developed, by selective breeding for many generations."

"Border Collies may exhibit a strong desire to herd, a trait they may show with small children, cats, and other dogs."


Puppies are a product of their environment, not just their genetics. For example, the influential conditions from puppy mills vs rescue vs responsible breeders must be considered.

A backyard breeding operation has no regard before, during, or after pregnancy. Mating can be too soon for both sexes, back-to-back whelping, with littermates & momma being separated prematurely.

A rescue's environmental history is typically unknown and can include high stress such as; orphaned, malnourished, disease, and feral; prior to being rescued.

Responsible breeders may follow a code of ethics from their national kennel club but often over-stimulate a youngster's early learning environment; pushing too hard for future titles; breaking their spirit in the process.

According to Puppy Leaks, "Adding in a few mentally stimulating canine enrichment games & activities to your pet's daily routine keeps them happy, healthy, & busy."

"...the right balance of physical and mental exercise for your dog makes a world of difference."

"Teaching your dog something new, such as jumping over a pole or weaving through an obstacle is quite a mental workout for them."

"Nose work & scent games offer your dog a fun way to use their natural talents."


Your puppy's age is the greatest influencer in their learning abilities.

Set by critical time periods in puppy development, knowing the stages helps schedule what to teach, when to learn, and enrichment guidelines.

As cited by Puppy Prodigies, "A critical period is a precise time in the maturation process when a minor amount of experience will produce a major return on later behavior."

"There is a window of opportunity in which certain experiences need to happen at a specific time, or the window will close, and the potential benefits of those experiences will be lost."

"It's also a period when learning is easier, and knowledge gained is stored in the long-term memory."

"Understanding the critical periods affords an excellent resource in which to shape the character traits of individual puppies so that they can achieve the highest adaptability potential for their future..."

There are 4 classification periods and 10 sub periods; by approximations, as all canines develop according to their individual time-tables:


Neo natal - Birth to 14 days
Responds only to warmth, touch, and smell. Cannot regulate body functions such as temperature & elimination.

Transition - 15 to 21 days
Eyes & ears are open, but sight & hearing are limited. Tail wagging begins & controlling body functions.

Socialization - 22 to 84 days

Canine Bonding (22 to 49 days). From interacting with momma & littermates, the pup learns various canine conduct. Now aware of the differences between canine & human societies.

Human Bonding (50 to 84 days). Ideal time for going to a new home. Can learn respect & simple behavioral responses: sit, stay, come. Housebreaking begins. Has the regular brain waves as an adult k9.

Now learns by association. The permanent man/dog bonding begins, and he can accept gentle discipline & establish confidence.

Juvenile - 12 weeks to 6 months
The period of rapid growth is complete, and the puppy is approximately two-thirds of its adult size.


Awareness or Identification - 21 to 28 days
Environment must remain stable because he is inundated with stimuli.

Curiosity - 5 to 7 weeks
The type of experiences that the puppy has during this period will have a strong effect on how he will react to humans as an adult.

Behavior Refinement - 7 to 9 weeks
Anything they learn during this time is permanent.

Fear Imprint - 8 to 10 weeks
Very susceptible to long lasting effects of fearful stimuli at this stage. If the puppy perceives an event as traumatic, he may generalize it and it could affect him for the rest of his life.

Take great care to avoid fearful reactions during this stage.

Environment Awareness - 9 to 12 weeks
Exposure to different environments is important.

Seniority Classification - 12 to 16 weeks
The testing of dominance to see who's leading; the age of independence.

Flight Instinct - 4 to 8 months
This period can last for a few days or several weeks. It's a time when a puppy will "test its wings" and wander further away than before. Lots of changes, physiologically.

Second Fear Impact - 6 to 14 months
A.k.a. the fear of new situations stage. A well socialized puppy who has been meeting people in an outgoing manner may start to show apprehension or fear toward people and things; while previously not.

Young Adulthood - 18 to 24 months
Marked by a surge in aggressive efforts to achieve higher pack status. May exhibit old undesirable manners again or appear for the first time if not properly socialized prior.

Maturity - 1 to 4 years
During this time, while testing for leadership, canines must be handled firmly; continue guiding & socializing to affirm your leadership while they ignore distractions in their environment.

Some periods arrive before you have access to your furball and are the responsibility of the breeder or rescue; others happen while your pet arrives in your home; several occur afterwards.

That's why 780's schooling ensures age-specific lessons with a curriculum that follows learning outcomes based on critical periods in the development of every canine.

Avoid substitute teaching philosophies that paint all puppies with the same brush; waiting for things to unfold, or reacting after unwanted shenanigans.

Instead, be proactive in selecting their puppy school education based on specific motivational methods, genetics, & environmental enrichment, appropriate to their age.

780's puppy school.

Newborn German Rottweiler puppy.

Catahoula puppy kisses with trainer.

Early puppyhood crate training with Dogo Argentino and her owner.

Border Collie puppy lying on her back.

Canadian Kennel Club logo.

Puppy school graduates posing for the camera.

Belly rubs for Mini Australian Shepherd during a critical development period.

Puppies playing to help with critical canine development goals.

Shaping characteristic traits in a Pit Bull puppy with extra petting time.

4 week old German Rottweiler puppy.

Juvenile pups and their families learning together.

Young rescue puppy and family taking a break together.

Blue Heeler puppy and trainer at 780's school.

Dalmatian puppy.

Poodle mix puppy.

Bull Mastiff puppy in blue harness.

780's puppy school park with attendees.



• Based on critical periods • Phoney
• Methods, genetics, & environment • Clickers, clickers, clickers
• Intelligent language • Emotional language

5. Low-Cost and Monthly.

780's puppy classes are low-cost at $150 and scheduled monthly with $25 discounts per repeat sign-up to add more value in your budget.

780 gives 1 free board, daycare, & train consult per registration; as bonus electives; to further reduce the expenses of your critter's academics.

If whipper-snappers sign-up for 3 months in-a-row, they receive honorary membership for the year which grants all those freebies every month, plus, cheaper services.

780 shares the wealth by lowering pricing for consecutive months of registration whether you mix programs or stick with one type.

Course start dates are the 1st Sunday of every month and any missed lectures can be taken in the next month (no charge) to accommodate a family's busy timetable.

Youngsters that have enrolled with 780 & mature past our specific age restrictions may register again with special permission from instructors.

For pups new to 780, we recommend meeting for a ½ hr $25 private consult to determine whether to enroll in group or 1-on-1 studies; either way, we'll use the $25 towards your purchase.

Avoid registering with institutions over-the-phone before meeting the teachers, viewing amenities, and introducing your pup to the new learning environment.

Instead, book an appointment for a $25 introductory lesson before investing full tuition.


100% Money Back Guarantee.

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce online seal.

Chihuahua puppy enjoying her free training lesson from class registration.

100% Money Back Guarantee badge


9 Weeks - 6 Months Sunday Tuesday Lessons / Month Price
BASICS 101 10:00 - 10:45am 6:00 - 6:45pm 6 $150
6 Months - 1 Year
SIMPLE SCENTS 11:00 - 11:45am --- 4 $150
PRE-AGILITY 1:00 - 1:45pm --- 4 $150
9 Months - 1 Year
INTRO RALLY-O 2:00 - 2:45pm --- 4 $150
1. Group instruction time is 45 mins max.
2. Starting the 1st Sunday of every month.
3. $25 savings per consecutive registration.
4. Free membership after 3 months in-a-row.

780's PROGRAM.


• Affordable • Over-priced
• $25 discounts • No rebates
• Freebies • No freebies
• Honorary membership • No loyalty programs
• Free catch-up lessons • No make-ups
• $25 risk-free consults • No refunds

6. Kindergarten Amenities.

780's early puppy kindergarten classes have indoor & outdoor areas, so summer & winter born litters can monkey-about all year long.

The article, What to Expect at Puppy Kindergarten, states, "The facility should also be dog-safe and have plenty of open space to work."

780's campus has 4 off-leash parks for tons of safe bouncing and tumbling in group chase time during the warmer months.

Lots of personal learning space aids concentration, when it's time to listen for new instruction, while limiting distractions in busier months.

For colder or rainy days, furball frolicking and guided compliance will continue inside; with 2 large indoor octagon college buildings to choose from.

Fresh drinking water & outdoor areas for potty breaks are available to all students, and pet parents have lots of vehicle parking.

Outdoor puppy kindergarten classes for summer.

Indoor puppy kindergarten classes for winter.



• Indoor & outdoor areas • Indoor-only
• Potty breaks • Hold-it
• Tons of parking • Street parking
• Lots of space between students • Cramped conditions

7. Pre School Basics.

780's Puppy Basics teaches easy commands & fundamental social skills in smaller classes for good manners with clear boundaries.

780 has 8+ years experience preventing & addressing underlying problematic issues with companion pets, guardian breeds, & working bloodlines; starting with the basics.

Learning objectives cover advice from the AKC article, "Teach Your Puppy These 5 Basic Commands."

780's camp roster certifies; the perfect number of pups in playing and working for 45 minutes maximum without saturation.

For popular months with peak sign-ups, accommodation is made possible by 2 indoor centres, 4 outdoor parks, and multiple instructors.

For slower months, if low attendance, 780 has access to friendly daycare & kennel tykes to join, whereas at-home instructors cannot provide more / less pupils as needed.

Also, setting the age restriction to 6 months and younger provides safety for smaller or insecure half-pints from older, stronger, & dominant whippersnappers.

Finally, for folks that can't make the Tuesday evenings we invite your family and mini-mutt to enjoy Sunday's-Only for 2 months at no additional charge.

Sit, down, come, yes & no, free, heel. Handler hand signals, praise, treats, & toys.

Playing, mouthing, biting, jumping, teething, housebreaking.

Socialization, body language, bite inhibition, saturation, timing, motivation, engagement, bonding, de-sensitization, luring.

1st set of vaccinations & deworming.
780's basic puppy classes for beginner commands & good manners during social time.

Malinois puppy basic training for the sit.

Teaching puppy manners with safe introductions.


9 Weeks - 6 Months Sunday Tuesday Lessons / Month Price
BASICS 101 10:00 - 10:45am 6:00 - 6:45pm 6 $150
1. Group instruction time is 45 mins max.
2. Starting the 1st Sunday of every month.
3. $25 savings per consecutive registration.
4. Free membership after 3 months in-a-row.

8. Nose Work Lessons.

780's Puppy Nose Work teaches basic odour detection & scent work games using their natural talent to smell as a fun job.

Puppies of all ages enjoy scent work activities because working as a team with mental stimulation and physical engagement provides meaningful play.

As stated in Purina's article, "Scent training for dogs can be an incredibly enriching experience for both you and your puppy!"

Advantages of searching activities from an early age include increased mental stimulation, physical engagement, confidence, bonding, & a fun job.

780's scent enrichment games make raising puppies easier because after the fun search exercises they take long naps and when awake they're eager to obey.

A newborn pups' eyes & ears are shut but their sense of smell is ready to search out & locate momma's scent for their first meal.

Since pups naturally use their nose and are motivated by food at an early age, very simple nose work activities can be started at 8 weeks in-home, but not off-site in a group setting.

780 knows that age is not what determines if a juvenile is ready to begin search classes, the requirements are ability to focus & drive for a reward.

If you start too soon or progress further than what your pup is ready to absorb, you run the risk of classically conditioning that scent games with you are not enjoyable.

780 helps puppies learn a search behavior on cue, know a methodical search pattern, & display a learned response to detecting the specific scent for their reward; using essential oils.

Find it. Handler body awareness, praise, treats, & toys.

Air scenting, alert, bracketing, hit, interest, false alerts, head snap, sourcing, leaving source, & final trained response.

Focus, air flow, search patterns, indicators, contamination, motivation, rewards, marking, odor commitment, aging, how to progress.

1st set of vaccinations & deworming, ½ hr $25 consult to determine suitability, or BASICS 101.
780's nose work puppy classes for basic scent detection & simple games with a German Shepherd.

Rottweiler puppy search & rescue training.

Puppy nose work training.

German Rottweiler puppy tracking with her nose down.


6 Months - 1 Year Sunday Lessons / Month Price
SIMPLE SCENTS 11:00 - 11:45am 4 $150
1. Group instruction time is 45 mins max.
2. Starting the 1st Sunday of every month.
3. $25 savings per consecutive registration.
4. Free membership after 3 months in-a-row.

9. Agility Courses.

780's Puppy Agility teaches early foundation exercises & low-level equipment when introducing new behaviors for fun & safe obstacle courses.

Age-appropriate agility training and preparation activities benefit young puppies & handlers which transfers to any future learning goals.

780's pre-agility is tailored to puppies by concentrating on flat-work & focus exercises while progression is made according to each pup's natural talents.

For safety, AKC agility experts advise, "...using foundation equipment (wobble boards, low walk planks, tunnels) and other equipment that is small and puppy-size..."

Each obstacle is broken down with step-by-step methods; based on motivation; with results for happy, working pups going through tunnels, over the jumps, and weaving around cones.

Advantages include increased bonding, confidence, off-leash control, flexibility, body awareness, communication, & focus while introducing new surfaces.

Fun is ensured by using treats, toys, & praise when playing games & introducing new tricks that are great for getting attention in a distracting environment.

Safety is paramount, so jumps & climbs are low, contacts are met slow, & weaves are not closed because puppies' growth plates are still open.

Place, weave, tunnel, jump, tippy board, climb. Handler body awareness, praise, treats, & toys.

Start line stays, pause table, recall, directional cues, circling objects, targeting, backing-up.

Clean starts, completion, contact zones, stretching, team-work, games, new objects, new & moving surfaces.

1st set of vaccinations & deworming, ½ hr $25 consult to determine suitability, or BASICS 101.
780's agility puppy classes for basic obstacle courses & new equipment with Frannie the Frenchie.

Adjusting the weave poles for puppy agility training.

Learning the table command in puppy agility classes at 780 Kennels.


6 Months - 1 Year Sunday Lessons / Month Price
PRE-AGILITY 1:00 - 1:45pm 4 $150
1. Group instruction time is 45 mins max.
2. Starting the 1st Sunday of every month.
3. $25 savings per consecutive registration.
4. Free membership after 3 months in-a-row.

10. Rally-Obedience.

780's Puppy Rally Obedience teaches beginner's exercises & performance skills based on lure-reward motivational teamwork.

Better communication with traditional rally commands; such as halt, stand, down, right & left turn; by precision leadership creates the ultimate loose-leash walking heel.

As noted by The Wildest, "Spending time together and learning to communicate with each other strengthens the dog-handler bond like nothing else can."

Additional benefits of practicing sport relays with young puppies include advancing manners, mental & physical exercise, distraction work, trust, stress reduction, & everyday life skills.

780's intro-rally-o is customized to puppies by one-at-a-time learning for stations, signs, commands, hand signals, motivators, & praising techniques.

Emphasis is on the handler to use enthusiastic mannerisms with plenty of verbal praise to motivate through basic warm-ups & freestyle exercises.

Treats & toys may be used temporarily to shape new rally behaviors or to solidify existing agreements but the goal is to rely purely on the connection between pet & handler.

The result is increased focus to heel by-your-side while displaying excitement & accuracy in performing specific drills at the numbered stations throughout the mini-course.

780 helps puppies & handlers develop communicative strategies for a fast paced execution of the numbered tasks for course completion in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Halt, stand, down, right & left turn. Handler body awareness, praise, treats, & toys.

Heeling, turning, walking around the dog, bad manners, ignoring, disobedience, forgetting commands, settling down.

Starting, finishing, warm-ups, saturation, step patterns, changing paces, course navigation, teamwork.

1st set of vaccinations & deworming, ½ hr $25 consult to determine suitability or BASICS 101.
780's rally-o puppy classes for basic obedience commands & novice relay courses.

Cane Corso puppy training rally obedience with excitement & focus.

Obedience trainer certification.

Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers accreditation.


9 Months - 1 Year Sunday Lessons / Month Price
INTRO RALLY-O 2:00 - 2:45pm 4 $150
1. Group instruction time is 45 mins max.
2. Starting the 1st Sunday of every month.
3. $25 savings per consecutive registration.
4. Free membership after 3 months in-a-row.

Yes, we offer the same education, pricing, discounts, freebies, and honorary membership, for puppies that do better with private or semi-private classes; ask for details during your consult.


100% Money Back Guarantee.

Chamber of Commerce Awards for 780 Kennels & Staff.
780 Kennels voted People's Choice Chamber of Commerce Award 2016.

All breeds welcome for a panoramic tour of 780 Kennels.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Are consults mandatory?
A: No.

We recommend meeting staff, viewing amenities, and experiencing 780’s style before registration.
This helps critters learn faster and increase owner’s peace of mind.

Q: How much is a consult?
A: $25 if you want to meet before signing up for class.

Alternatively, 1 free private lesson per registration.

Q: Does the 100% money-back guarantee apply to registration?
A: No, consultations only.

Q: When do courses start?
A: The 1st Sunday of every month (by registration only)

Basics: 10:00 - 10:45am
Scent: 11:00 - 11:45am
Agility: 1:00 - 1:45pm
Rally: 2:00 - 2:45pm
Q: Can I make up a missed lesson?
A: Yes, in the next month’s class, just send an email to confirm the date.

Q: What is the fee to make-up a lesson?
A: No charge.

Q: How do I register?
A: Just click on the ‘Register Now’ button for a specific class.

We will email to confirm.

Q: Can I register late?
A: Perhaps. Depends on how late & class size.

Best to email us asap.

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Just 3.

1. Proof of 1st set of vaccinations.
2. Certificate of health or receipt for flea & tick treatment from your vet.
3. Meet the age range specific to class type.

Basics: 9 weeks - 6 months
Scent: 6 months - 1 year
Agility: 6 months - 1 year
Rally: 9 months - 1 year
Q: How much is tuition?
A: $150 per month.

Also, $25 savings per consecutive registration if wanted.

Q: Is that per lesson or month?
A: Per month.

Depending on the type of class either 6 or 4 lessons in one month.

Q: Do I have to sign up for multiple months?
A: No, but all puppies benefit from continuous socialization & training in their first year.

Also, free membership after 3 months in-a-row.

Q: What are benefits of 780 membership?
A: 1 free board, daycare, & train consult per month for one year.

Also, cheaper rates for all services.

Q: Do I have to purchase membership to use 780 services?
A: No, membership offers savings & freebies if wanted.

Q: How do I get free membership?
A: If you register for 3 months of puppy school or if you are a 1st responder with valid government ID.

Q: Who can attend class?
A: Bring your whole family.

Q: Children, too?
A: Yes, exposure to kids is beneficial for all puppies.

Q: What’s free?
A: 1 free board, train, daycare consult per registration.

Also, email us for free at-home literature.

Q: What if I sign-up for multiple months?
A: Then your puppy gets more freebies.

Q: Do the freebies expire?
A: Not until used.

Q: What awards has 780 won?
A: People's Choice 2016, Best Business 2019 & 2020.

Q: What accreditations & certifications does 780 hold?
A: Better Business Bureau, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, IACP, PIJAC, CAPDT, Kennel Management, & Certified Master Trainer.

Q: What reference letters does 780 hold?
A: PBFL, SCARS, PMRF, 4H Alberta, & DCAS.

Q: If my puppy is reactive or aggressive can they still attend 780?
A: Yes, we specialize in aggression.

Let’s meet for a consult to determine whether private or group lessons are best for everyone.

Q: How can I get more information not listed here?
A: Good question, contact us.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation. Pet First Aid Certification. Canadian Association of Dog Trainers Membership. Best Facility Central Alberta Award for 780 Kennels. International Association of Canine Professionals Accreditation. Professional Certification for Obedience Trainer and Kennel Management from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. Master Dog Trainer Professional Certification from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. 780 Kennels wins the Canadian Pet Community Awards for Pet Service Provider in the Western Region. Canadian Federation of Independent Business Accreditation.