Learn about 780 Kennels from Beau the Belgian Malinois relaxing on his comfy bed.


780 Kennels was founded in the Alberta Capital Region by donating essential kennel services to our rescue partners with pets in need since 2010.

780's not a registered charity, but 10+ years ago our adopted pets inspired us to benefit animal well-being by teaming up with first responders, non-profits, shelters, sanctuaries, & humane societies.

Although our rescue canines, Lucky, Jabba, Beau, & Shadow, were labelled as dog & people selective, they were successfully adopted to our home and lived cohesively, ready-to-please.

Adopting our homeless pets and learning their special needs wasn't flawless but doggies are very forgiving and happy to help anyone willing to learn.

Soon, we had a whole pack of ex-strays which required us to quit our day jobs and commit further to the innocent critters.

That's how we fostered a haven of protection in the Alberta Capital Region, 780 Kennels.

Eventually all dogs go to heaven, so, Lux, Jabs, Beausy, & Shazzy left specific instructions to continue their good works at 780.

Here's 6+ quality kennel services 780 donates & subsidizes when giving-back to Alberta's animal welfare community:

1. Pet Lodging Allowances.

780's pet care facilities donate 1 free daily canine room & board, to our partners, as per Lucky's instructions.

This helps organizations get accurate temperament assessments before re-homing a more difficult doggy.

Lux, aka Hound, aka Houndsy, was happy-go-lucky, learning his manners through constant repetition until you gave up.

He was the perfect example of alpha; nothing to prove; he just was; but don't try to trim his nails or take him to the vet.

Lux was adopted from the Delta Community Animal Shelter and helped us learn how to provide safe canine mingling, especially for the large breeds.

"Accurate temperament assessments help us understand their needs which is invaluable for proper home placement."
- Pitbulls for Life Foundation of Alberta.

Lux invites the public to board their dog overnight with peace of mind while funding kennel services for pets in need.

Lucky, founder of 780 Kennels.

Alpha male German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix

780's canine professionals subsidize obedience lessons for $25, to our partners, as per Jabba's instructions.

This helps organizations keep costs down, before & after adoption.

Jabs, aka Jabba the Hut, aka Jabsy, was very food motivated, naturally, she raided food bins until bloated beyond measure.

She came to us obese but through healthy diet and exercise; shedding her winter weight; she chased little prey into submission.

Jabba was adopted from the Maple Ridge SPCA and helped us learn how to lead pack cohesiveness through a dominant female mitigating multiple male canines.

"Many trainers and experienced behaviourists haven't been able to provide what 780 can."
- Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.

Jabs invites the public to train their dog with 1-on-1 help while fundraising kennel services for pet relief.

Jabba, 780 Kennels founder.

Alpha female German Rottweiler.

3. Honorary Membership.

780's reliable pet care gives honorary membership to first responders, such as police, fire fighters, military, & veterans, as per Beau's instructions.

This helps 1st responders reduce expenses when on-call 24/7.

780 membership benefits include: 1 board, train, & daycare freebie per month, also, lower prices for all services.

Beau, aka Beausy, aka Baw-dee, deteriorated quickly while in the shelter environment, developing human, dog, & re-directed handler aggression.

However, he was successfully integrated into our pack by on-going rehabilitation with the Canadian Search & Disaster Dogs Association.

Brodie, renamed Beau, was adopted from the Delta Community Animal Shelter, and helped us understand that all high-drive breeds need a career, with a detailed job description, that's implemented by their team leader.

"780 understands the different ages, breeds, sizes, and various needs of all the dogs..."
- 4H Alberta.

Beau invites the public to enjoy all benefits of 780 membership while funding kennel services for pet safety.

Beau, 780 Kennels founder.

Canadian Search & Disaster Dogs Association logo.

4. Puppy School Grants.

780's certified pet care awards puppy school grants for 50% off tuition, to our partners, as per Shadow's instructions.

This helps organizations have the best early education while saving money.

Wazzy, aka, Shazzy, aka Wazz, cared for his wheelchair-bound grandmother until the family got a divorce and they "didn't want the dog around as a reminder".

He was surrendered to the local shelter, and quickly garnered a reputation as the sheriff; policing doggies during play time.

Shadow was adopted from the Delta Community Animal Shelter and helped us learn how to monitor group canine interaction to ensure safe social imprinting for pups.

"Over time Marvin has been able to overcome many of his fears, obey countless commands, play with other dogs, and becomes friends with strangers all the time."
- Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation.

Shadow invites the public to teach their puppy with class while funding kennel services for pet perks.

Shadow, 780 Kennels founder.

Rottweiler Blue Heeler rescue dog.

5. Charity Auction Items.

780 frequently donates charity auction items for fundraisers, organized by each group, as per the whole pack's collaboration, in their final wishes to gift pet necessities & goodies.

That's why 780 continues to sponsor annual online silent auctions in the Edmonton area, including, Ned's Wish & Pet Pantry.

Ned's Wish is dedicated to improving the quality of life of retired police dogs. They create financial support to aid in the cost of healthcare and provide education on the importance of caring for police dog retirees.

Pet Pantry strives to support rescues with food, pet toys and much more to the rescues in need. So, they may use their funding towards medical treatments and other important services needed to take care of the animals.

780 invites pet community groups to use the link below when officially requesting auction items for successful events.

Ned's Wish Charity logo.

A Pet's Pantry Edmonton logo

6. Disaster Response Aid.

780 provides animal friends temporary shelter in emergency situations, including, the 2011 Slave Lake fires and the 2019 Wabasca wildfires.

Slave Lake Fires
The Humane Society, the Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake and the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society had together rescued about 250 animals from the emptied northern Alberta town.

Northern Alberta Wildfires
The Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society said 283 animals had been evacuated from the MD of Opportunity / Wabasca and Bigstone Cree Nation.

"All animals in immediate danger are now believed to have been evacuated from the area and will be transferred to boarding kennels until they can be reunited with their owners."

780 invites pet disaster response groups to use the link below when officially requesting temporary housing assistance.

Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals logo.

Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses accreditation for 780 Kennels.

Chamber of Commerce Awards for 780 Kennels & Staff.
780 Kennels voted People's Choice Chamber of Commerce Award 2016.

Open 4 H Club Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Second Chance Animal Rescue Society letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation letter of reference for 780 Kennels.
Open Delta Community Animal Shelter letter of reference for 780 Kennels.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation. Pet First Aid Certification. Canadian Association of Dog Trainers Membership. Best Facility Central Alberta Award for 780 Kennels. International Association of Canine Professionals Accreditation. Professional Certification for Obedience Trainer and Kennel Management from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. Master Dog Trainer Professional Certification from Canada West Canine Centre School of Dog Trainers. 780 Kennels wins the Canadian Pet Community Awards for Pet Service Provider in the Western Region. Canadian Federation of Independent Business Accreditation.