About 780

Adam Kidd first realized there was a need for 780 KENNELS after experiencing first-hand the hardships of being a responsible dog owner.

780's Story

Good Kennels Are Hard to Find

Dog Kennels had obsolete designs which increased dog’s stress by forcing them to face each other while in the Kennels, relying on Dog Kennel staff to let them out for exercise & potty breaks, while cramming as many dogs as possible under one Kennel roof. Dog Boarding commonly practiced charging more money for larger dogs & increased pricing during busy seasons with unqualified staff, not to mention a dangerously high number of Dogs-Boarding-to-staff ratio.

My Way or the Highway

Dog Training programs were setting many dogs up for failure by offering customers looking for
Basic Training
 (Leash Walking, Sit, Down) but in an Advanced Training environment such as group classes which had too many humans and dogs as distractions for most dogs to effectively learn. Customers were chastised by Dog Trainers incorrectly blaming dog owners and/or their respective dogs for any behaviour the Dog Trainers could not improve or Manage. Following the trail of bread crumbs, Adam found that Dog Training Schools offered prospective Trainers just 1 of 2 methods for dog motivation, either Compulsion Only (verbal and/or physical chastising) or Coercion Only (treats, toys, praise), without an understanding of the varying degrees within each method or how to blend the two methods for each individual dog. Dog Training Schools often failed to provide experience with both Rescue Dogs and dogs with high drive bloodlines produced by Breeders, which are very important requisites for a Dog Trainer to understand.

Two Wrongs don’t make you Right

Adam decided to gain experience from both worlds (Rescue VS Breeders) as both ends of the spectrum promote that “their” way is the only way to love a dog. Adam found that Dog Rescue often failed to distinguish the differences between AdoptableManageable, and Sanctuary Dogs. Many dogs were set up for failure when sent to homes that did not understand the needs of the Manageable Dog, returned after an avoidable incident occurred & the rescue deeming the dog “unadoptable”. Fond of the Rottweiler breed in particular, Adam critiqued Rottweiler Breeders but unfortunately the result was that Rottweiler Puppies frequently were bred merely as income for people without any regard for Breeder’s responsibility in producing and finding good homes for the Rottweiler Puppies. Their breeding programs had absolutely no aftercare services to ensure the owner had opportunities to raise a well socialized and trained adult Rottweiler.

Early Puppyhood Education

Curious if dog responsibility had less to do with Rescue vs Breeder and more to do with initiating Training at an earlier age, Adam investigated Puppy Training Classes but found Puppy Training Classes encouraged sessions without any structure or Puppy Training goals but instead re-enforced the Puppy to ignore their owners and to play with other Puppies for the entire duration of the Puppy Training Classes. Adam also tested Dog Grooming at an early age as he witnessed Dog Grooming salons frequently rejected sensitive dogs that didn’t enjoy the Grooming experience or they would be too heavy handed while Grooming Dogs resistant to the services.

Cash Grab

Understanding the challenge of balancing one’s daily work schedule with their dog’s need for routine mental, physical and social exercise, Adam investigated the related popular services claiming to help: Dog Daycare vs Dog Walking vs Dog Sitting. The majority of Dog Daycare’s basically invited 30+ strange dogs into their Daycare and then kicked out any dog that eventually didn’t play nice with the others.
Dog Walking was an impossible service to find for a rowdy dog or Puppy without manners as the Dog Walking companies only wanted to walk easy-going dogs in large walking groups. Dog Sitting providers often cancelled last minute or suddenly disappeared as the Dog Sitting company went out of business, although they required pre-payment for their Dog Sitting services.

780’s Mission

Adam’s personal experiences with his own dogs (either rescue or purchased) and many customers’ dogs has led to the conclusion that every dog is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, dog responsibility is much more complex than what is often “sold” and 780’s goal is to promote total responsibility for EVERYTHING DOG.

2 men and 1 female with a dog

Why 780

780’s responsibility to dogs has a foundation of mutual respect by two way communication and we are accountable for providing this in a way that every dog understands.

Many clients have become MEMBERS who receive discounted pricing on the following services: Training, Boarding, Daycare and Grooming.

Whether customer or MEMBER, we invite you to share within the success of 780.