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1. Best Dog Kennels Reviews.

Here's 41 best dog kennels reviews including Pitbulls for Life Foundation of Alberta letter of reference.

Read 19 Google reviews, 3 Yellow Pages ratings, 2 Better Business Bureau testimonials, & 17 Facebook recommendations
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very friendly lots of green space very professional always helpful
excellent place pets always come first knowledgeable channelized outside areas
new facility they live for the dogs mature staff patient
panoptic design state-of-the-art super accommodating best boarding & training
amazing staff well trained & caring transparent large & enclosed yards
fantastic set-up love & respect your dog perfect set-up worry-free
"We recommend Adam to anyone looking for guidance with their dog training challenges as well as dog care in general."
Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta - Reference Letter (2013)

"Very friendly staff & a great facility..."
GOOSE - Google Reviews (February 2018)  5/5  

"Excellent place."
ROCKY - Google Reviews (January 2018)  5/5  

"...Nice new facility with a panoptic design..."
JAWS & RHYNO - Google Reviews (July 2017)  5/5  

"...The staff & facility here are amazing..."
MOOSE & LENNY - Google Reviews (May 2017)  5/5  

"...The new location & set up are fantastic..."
JESSE - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...The staff is friendly..."
MESHACH - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...They are great..."
HUNTER & BOOMER - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...great place... They are very caring people. The facility is large & lots of green space for the dogs to play..."
CHASER - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...staff are very friendly...The kennels are very well maintained..."
PORSCHA - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...We're very excited to see the new facilities..."
D.O.G. - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...all the staff understand that the pets always come first..."
RAVEN & NAKITA - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...staff don't just work with dogs they live for the dogs. The new facility is an amazing place..."
KHALEESI - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...The staff are all great...The kennel is great"
DIO - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...awesome facility, state of the art, very humane kennel, thanks guys!"
BERLIN - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"780 is a great facility for boarding..."
BARON & BREEZY - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...well trained & caring staff..."
ROMEO - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...I guarantee that you will never find a dog kennel with a better staff & volunteers that will care, love & respect your dog as much as you do."
BLUE - Google Reviews (2016)  5/5  

"...the kennel set-up works well for him... He loves the staff..."
TUCKER - Yellow Pages Ratings (November 2017)  5/5  

"Very professional & a well-planned facility..."
KATO - Yellow Pages Ratings (May 2017)  5/5  

"...Great kennel... The staff is knowledgeable & always very friendly. We loved the old facilities, but the new dog kennels are even better!"
PORTHOS - Yellow Pages Ratings (November 2016)  5/5  

"...mature staff that really understand & care about dogs..."
CHOPPER - Better Business Bureau Testimonials (March 2017)  5/5  

"...they care, understand & are super accommodating..."
JUMBO - Facebook Recommendations (March 2018)  5/5  

"...transparent, & courteous... the staff I've ever talked with or dealt with have been amazing, caring, & full of valuable information..."
SADIE MAE - Facebook Recommendations (March 2018)  5/5  

"Nice facility, great people who really enjoy spending time with your dog..."
MOOSE - Facebook Recommendations (March 2018)  5/5  

"...staff are true dog lovers... The addition at the new location to have a fenced drop-off zone make it a perfect set up from drop-off to pick-up."
MADDI - Better Business Bureau Testimonials (March 2018)  5/5  

"...The staff are super friendly..."
RUFUS - Facebook Recommendations (March 2018)  5/5  

"...Always helpful..."
WALLY - Facebook Recommendations (February 2018)  5/5  

"...couldn't be more pleased with the staff & the facility..."
HARVEY - Facebook Recommendations (February 2018)  5/5  

"...staff who are all adults, which I appreciated..."
GUS - Facebook Recommendations (February 2018)  5/5  

"...Very organized, highly professional, friendly & most importantly; dog areas outside are channelized so they can understand their boundaries..."
MYLOO - Facebook Recommendations (January 2018)  5/5  

"...great facility (state of the art). The staff is always super friendly..."
DIME, TADD, & BOZZ - Facebook Recommendations (November 2017)  5/5  

"...the staff were patient... great facility, each dog has its own pen inside & outside..."
LUNA - Facebook Recommendations (November 2017)  5/5  

"Best boarding & training facility that I have attended."
GIBSON - Facebook Recommendations (July 2017)  5/5